People often ask me how The Healing Space can benefit their lives. I like to tell them how it has influenced my own personal lifestyle, but emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what satisfied clients felt about their own personal experiences and feel free to come check it out for yourself.

My journey with Aparna has been a wonderful and a much-needed awakening of how little self-care and attention I had been allowing myself. I had previously explored a little about energy healing/meditation and it felt like a homecoming when I attended an appointment at the healing space. My initial sessions helped me to connect to myself and restore the calm and rest that I needed. As I have progressed each session leaves me feeling grounded and whole. I am so thankful that Aparna is able to guide me in my spiritual path – she has always made time for discussion and exchange and has helped me build on my meditation techniques. I really look forward to my weekly healing sessions – it is like an essential body and mind recharge which leaves a sense of peace you need to experience to believe.

Emma Burton (UK)

I started going to Aparna for the past two months, for energy therapy, meditation, and to learn the different breathing techniques which my doctor had recommended for my asthma and reflux and it has been transformative. I have tried various methods and places over the years but none of it really worked. Aparna really changed things around for me. It is not just the different techniques that she has been practicing, just talking to her and discussing the ‘science’ behind it all, the depth of her knowledge, training and experience has really been amazing. I would highly recommend her ‘healing space’, for me it has made all the difference.

Aysha Dada

My experience with Aparna has been nothing short of profound. She is warm, well grounded and a great listener. I suffered from migraines since the age of 11. After years of pain and medications, energy healing has really almost made my migraines vanish. From two migraines a month I now suffer from two migraines a year! I can't describe in words how this has changed my life. I feel like a new person now.

Aparna's subtle energy work always leaves me relaxed, with a deeper and clearer understanding of myself and my underlying feelings and stresses. Every session has made me more centred and healthier. I recommend her to everyone who is looking to heal, connect with their inner selves and expand their awareness.

Kunwal Hussaini Fakhri

A reiki master myself, I come to Aparna for energy therapy sessions. In her gentle ways, she always brings out the calm in me. She is warm and caring, and I love the soothing atmosphere she has created at The Healing Space. My sessions with her have always been varied. There are times I have felt so relaxed, that I have drifted off to sleep, and yet at other times I have felt awake and energized, some sessions have been predominantly visual, and others have been mostly mental, bringing thoughts and ideas to the surface.

When I suffered from cervical spondylosis a few years ago, alongside my physiotherapy sessions, I took energy therapy with Aparna. The sessions were palpable and gave me relief from pain. I recommend energy therapy for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety and/or pain. My hope is that more and more will embrace energy healing and reap the benefits, like I have. My very first introduction to yoga was under the magical glow of the moon, many moons ago with Aparna. Now that she is offering yoga classes again, I very much looking forward to joining her.

Sonia Choudhury

Aparna is thoughtful, open, and kind. She has a created a space that made me feel that I can be honest about my inner most fears and doubts. She is fully engaged and customizes the treatment to your needs. I have come to learn that many physical pain and illness has its roots in emotional well-being. I went to see Aparna when I had an unexpected stomach cramp for 2 days. I left the Healing Space feeling less pain, more positive and more free!

May Yang

The Healing Space has been the place for my much needed breaks, where I focus on myself and on my wellbeing. My energy therapy sessions with Aparna are fantastic and unique and have given me fresh new perspectives. After the sessions, I leave feeling refreshed, energetic and ready to take on new challenges. I am truly grateful to have found Aparna's services here in Dhaka. She is a great practitioner and definitely knows what she’s doing.

Aysha Rashid

So the last few months were very hectic for me & I was in a much-needed space for getting out of my phase of being stuck. I came across Aparna, the healing space through a work relation, and voila after two energy therapy sessions, I was a completely different person, I was laughing about my problems, the sessions are so therapeutic & for me, it was life changing. I got so much clarity out of those two sessions but unfortunately, after that, the lockdown happened. But I m looking forward to getting more energy therapy sessions with her.

Warisha K