Anita Aparna Muyeed

Aparna is a certified meditation instructor trained in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Also a certified yoga instructor trained in Hatha Yoga from the Ananda School for Yoga and Meditation, in California, USA, she received Kriya initiation in 2020. Registered by the Yoga Alliance, Ananda was founded by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Yogananda. Anita is also a Reiki Master and Access Bars Practitioner. She offers energetic therapies for the mind and body and tools for deep emotional and physical healing.

Aparna created the Healing Space in 2016 in order to support and foster a sense of peace and harmony and to create a much needed oasis away from the fast paced, high stress society that we inhabit. She is dedicated to spreading the message of mindfulness and health to her clients, sharing her beliefs that life should be lived with joy, gratitude, and being present in the moment. Whether you are experiencing pain, stress or simply want to cultivate physical and mental wellbeing, The Healing Space provides a safe, healing and friendly environment to do so and shares tools that promote healing and awareness through a combination of private energy therapy sessions, as well as private and/or group pranayama, yoga and mediation classes.

After Yogananda's teachings of Self-Realization, her meditation and yoga practices uplift the consciousness, attune to the subtle energies of the body and facilitate a deep spiritual experience through breath (pranayama), posture (asana) and silent affirmations which prepares the body and mind for inner communion.

She pursued her training in Paris, Tokyo, Chiang Mai, the US and has come full circle back to the Indian subcontinent where she now resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh.